Emlyon Mba Helps The Technology Entrepreneur To Disrupt The Management Status Quo

Angel Tello startup is using digital solutions to modernize management styles

Angel Tello decided to pursue his MBA with one goal in mind: to become an entrepreneur. He had already gone down the path of being an employee. He wanted to get out of his comfort zone.

Desiring to continue his professional development, he saw an MBA at EMLYON Business School in France as a valuable investment in itself and a vital source of business education. Entering the world of entrepreneurship, he believed that the MBA would help minimize risks.

He graduated in 2016 and embraced the adventure of being an entrepreneur, establishing his company Innovation Management Digital Solutions (IMDS), which introduces technological innovations in management structures.

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He is currently working with a team of eight, is optimistic about the future backed by his strong MBA skills, alumni network and future opportunities.

How did the idea for IMDS come about?

I was tempted to go back to the job market that I was escaping after my MBA. He had better salary expectations, a good diploma, good job offers, but everything was focused on doing what the boss asked him to do, without questioning.

I wanted to do something different and, with IMDS, we started challenging the status quo. To do the same things in the same way is to take risks in today’s world where everything is connected. The complexity of the cloud, security risks, access to information, uberization of work and fierce competition means that standing still will lead to failure.

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Looking at the different trends in technology and the needs of the market, I went through my network of contacts, interviewing different people from different sectors, markets and interested parties. I experimented with three projects and applied the methodology: “What I want to do”, “What I can do” and “What I can do”. Ask me the ‘why’ first.

Through this, IMDS was born to give innovation in the management and the needs of the digital web service.

How did your MBA help you as an entrepreneur in the technology industry?

The MBA gave me the practical skills, methods, frameworks, tools and knowledge on how to put together the business puzzle. It changed my way of thinking, of focusing on one product to the whole system.

Essentially, it allowed me to understand the difference between simply doing a better job than the competition and establishing a complete system that consistently delivered high results.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at EMLYON?

EMLYON has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and a specialized new business course that attracted me.

Learning trips to different countries were also a great attraction, along with a very diverse cohort. There were 23 different nationalities in my class, which was a blessing. The MBA also has a wide range of elective courses that fit my needs. Since nothing is obligatory or fixed, there is freedom to learn.

Finally, the opportunity for international exchange to the University of Queens in Kingston, Canada really triggered my decision.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an MBA?

Do not be afraid There will be a complete cohort that you can count on and they will also count on you. You will learn from them and learn from you, and many will become friends for life. They all come for different reasons and you should be ready to leave the comfort zone and get the best experience.

This is not just a ‘pay tuition’ situation and that is. The EMLYON MBA is an unforgettable experience. So be open, learn and enjoy this adventure.

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