11 Truly Corny Signs You Are Made for Each Other

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#4 The story of us. Do you notice how you and your partner react whenever friends or random people ask how you have met or how your love story goes? There is nothing sweeter than retelling how the two of you fell in love, and the way you deliver this story says a lot about you, your partner, and your relationship with them.

#5 Because it’s true, you do finish each other’s sentences. It might sound like this expression has been used so many times to denote how you and your significant other behave, but it is one truly corny sign that you are made for each other. Finishing each other’s sentences does not only equate to knowing each other that well, it also says that your partner is confident enough to voice out loud that they know your preferences.

You know what’s even cornier than this? It’s when one of you is about to ask a question and the other already blurts out the answer before the question is finished!


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