12 Questions to Ask Before Marriage to Know if They’re the One

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#4 What type of morals and values are most important to instill in kids? You already know you want to have good kids. Everyone does. But what are the main things you want to make sure your children grow to value? What morals will you work hard to instill in them?

If you both don’t have an agreement here, things could get really difficult when you eventually do have kids together. So make sure there’s a clear understanding and you agree before you marry them.

#5 What type of savings and retirement plan do we want? You have to talk about money. Money is a super important part of a marriage, even though none of us want to believe it. You have to plan for retirement and plan for it TOGETHER. What does each of you want when you retire?

What type of retirement are you looking to have and how can you both make your desires a reality? These have to match up to a certain degree.


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