12 Questions to Ask Before Marriage to Know if They’re the One

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#11 What type of lifestyle do we want to have? This is in regards to being fit and active along with what you’ll be eating and how healthy you want to be in life. You might have some things in common but if you want to have a very strict, healthy lifestyle but your partner would rather eat whatever they want, it’s going to cause problems.

You may argue that you know how they like to live their life but what are their goals with their lifestyle? Do they want to improve and become healthier as they age or do they not really care so much about if they’re getting the right nutrients? These things make a huge difference in a marriage.

#12 Are you both ready to work really hard for love? Love isn’t easy. Being in love with someone can be simple but maintaining that love and showing that appreciation day after day is not. It’s a lot of work. You have to both be willing to put forth that effort for the rest of your life. If one of you is not ready, the entire marriage won’t work.

Getting married is a big deal and you have to treat it as such. Knowing the right questions to ask before marriage can prevent you from making a life-altering mistake. Make sure you’re going to be with the right person for forever.

Fts 17


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