15 Super Obvious Signs a Man is Attracted to You Sexually

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#8 Major flirting. Flirting is by far the most obvious of the signs a man is attracted to you sexually. If he’s engaging with you in a really fun and flirty way, he definitely thinks you’re desirable.

#9 Talking deeply. This is meant literally. When a guy finds a woman attractive, he’ll subconsciously try to make himself sound “manlier.” In order to do this, he’ll lower his voice and talk much deeper than he would if he didn’t think you were sexually attractive. Therefore, if you notice a guy dip his voice down when he talks to you only, he’s into you.

#10 “Fixing” himself. Everyone does this when they find someone attractive. They’ll see you and then automatically pat themselves down, fix their hair, or adjust their clothes. This is done so they’ll look better for you. It’ll up their odds of getting you to be interested in them, too.


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