Cuhk Mba Exchanges Work At Ibm In India For A Career In Digital Marketing In Hong Kong

Syed Tabish discovered his passion for digital marketing during an MBA at CUHK Business School

Syed Tabish worked as an IBM IT specialist in India before his MBA, but was never completely satisfied with the back-end development. He wanted to know the purpose of the applications he was creating and the business problems they were addressing.

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As he moved from being a developer to a quality analyst, he gained a more holistic image of the company and realized that he wanted to play a more important role and influence. It was this that put him in course for a full-time MBA at the CUHK Business School in Hong Kong looking for a deeper understanding of how large companies operate.

Since finishing his degree, Syed made the transition to the digital marketing world with an internship in Hong Kong. Intrigued by the speed at which digitization occurs, Syed wants to bridge the gap between technology and business.

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Why did you decide to pursue an MBA in CUHK?

China is the second largest economy in the world and any movement in its economic data causes stock prices to rise or fall globally. India is also emerging rapidly and, along with China, boosts much of the world economy. Therefore, I knew that I wanted to do my MBA in Asia and I was looking for a cosmopolitan center that could connect me to the east and west. Hong Kong fits perfectly.

CUHK is one of the oldest universities in Asia and has the oldest MBA program. The school has a proven track record and accreditation. The program also places a lot of emphasis on Asian companies and their impact globally.

In addition to the learning experience, I also wanted to connect with one of Asia’s largest alumni networks, and CUHK has a large network of alumni around the world. I knew there would never be a shortage of people to attend after my MBA.

Why have you decided to switch to digital marketing?

I stumbled upon digital marketing during my MBA program. I met a lot of people thanks to our networking sessions and extensive alumni network, getting their advice and opinions, and listening to them talk about their views on different aspects of the business.

During one of those sessions, digital marketing really caught my eye. I decided to investigate a little. I spoke with more people working in this field, attended seminars and sessions in Hong Kong and did a lot of research online to understand more about it.

With the pace at which we are going to digitize, everything will be connected and there will be so much information available to make the decision making process more complicated for companies. I discovered that thanks to my experience in technology and my business vision acquired during my MBA, I can help organizations in their digital journey.

How did the CUHK MBA help you change your career?

The CUHK MBA was not only a degree, it was an experience for me. It would be a cliché to say that his experience changes life. But I would still say that because it is personal and professionally!

You meet people from different backgrounds and you learn a lot from their experience. If you are doing an international MBA, you can also experience a lot of cultural diversity and start seeing things from a different perspective. These things can be applied to any field and not just digital marketing, because no matter what business you are in, you are ultimately serving people. If you can not understand them, how can you expect to serve them?

One thing that I would choose and that has helped me most is to see things from different perspectives. It helps me think of the many implications of a decision. I am more efficient in making decisions because I see the implications in different roles and functions, which would normally be lost.

What advice do you have for future MBAs?

To enjoy the trip, you need to immerse yourself. He left his job and his comfortable life to join the rigors of the MBA, so do not let anything stop you from doing that. Be prepared to learn inside and outside the classroom.

In terms of professional advice, it is good to know what you want to do and where you want to go professionally, but never let that limit your horizon. Be open to explore Open your mind, you never know what will excite you!

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