How to Flirt with Your Girlfriend: Make Her Feel Wanted and Sexy

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#18 Give her your full attention. Remember if you embark on a flirty mission with your girlfriend put a proper effort in and give her your full and undivided attention.

#19 Get dressed up. Making an effort will not go unnoticed. Why not both get dressed up and go out somewhere fancy for a treat?

#20 Have interesting conversations. Having intellectually stimulating conversations is another great way to flirt. Make sure you make time to actually talk to one another. You’ll soon find yourself flirting anyway.

Of course, if you are really out of practice it might feel a little forced and awkward at first, but stick with it. She’ll appreciate the effort you make regardless. Soon learning how to flirt with your girlfriend will come more naturally until it’s effortless and exciting—just like it used to be!

Fts 17


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