What to Do When She’s Taken & You Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

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#2 Shut down thoughts the second they pop up. This takes even more self-control than avoiding her Instagram. You’ll have to force yourself to think of other things when she pops up in your mind. It is possible, but only if you try every single time.

The second you start thinking about her, distract yourself or start thinking of something different. This also works best if you think of something different to distract yourself. If you always start thinking of the same thing right after her, you’ll associate that with her.

#3 Stay busy with friends. The busier you are, the less you’ll have room to think about her. So go out and be with your friends. It’s really easy to want to hide away in your home when you’re bummed out about her being taken, but don’t.

Go out and have a great time. Let them distract you and keep you entertained so your mind can’t picture her anymore. Every time someone asks to go do something, say yes. When you’re home alone because no one wants to do anything, do something that keeps your mind occupied.


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