Funny Things That Happens Only At Nigerian Weddings.

The bride arrives late

Nigerian brides in most cases are late to their weddings. At times the ceremony would have started before they arrive and when they do? They blame it on traffic or their make up artist.

The wedding cake never leaves its position

In Nigerian weddings, the wedding cake is always intact till the end of the ceremony. Hey, the cake isn’t rented😁, it’s just reserved for the couple, their family and friends. Small cakes are passed around during the reception.

There’s a high table

If you have attended Nigerian weddings, you would have noticed there’s always a ‘high table’. The high table is for very important personalities. The best food and drinks are served to them. But definitely, they have contributed something to the wedding.

Uninvited guests

These are people who will attend a wedding they are not invited to. They do not have any relationship with the couple and may not know a single person in the hall. Their aim is to eat. lol.

Every Guest Claims To Be Related ToThe Bride, Groom or Both

It is kind of funny to attend a wedding without knowing the couple or a soul in the hall. In Nigerian weddings, unrelated guests start a spontaneous relationship so as to feel among.

Money spray

It’s very rare to attend a Nigerian wedding and money is not sprayed. The best part is during the couple dance, almost everyone in the hall is unconsciously compelled to come and shower the couple with minty notes. What then happens to the money? Usually the couple employs people to help them gather it.

The food never goes round

No matter how planned the ceremony is, the food never goes round. One or two individuals would report they weren’t served.
Even those who were caught eating on camera would still complain that they weren’t served.

People take food home

A big indicator of a successful Nigerian wedding is having excess food to serve to the guest. Nigerians like it when food in take away packs are handed to them.

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