8 Simple Ways To Identify Ibadan Runs Girl

Ibadan runs girls are always looking classy, extravagant and stunning, however, very difficult to recognise when you see them among other high-profile personalities.

The word Runs Girl is a Nigerian term used to describe any lady fond of using her body to get any favours. It may be financial favours, connection or even a pass to get herself into a lavish event in town.

Runs girls don’t have a visible means of making money, yet they are mostly richer than their peers and live exotic lifestyles that their mates cannot afford. They also speak polished English language with ‘British’ accent despite the fact that they’ve never travelled out of the country.

If you’ve ever been to Ibadan or relate closely with any Ibadan lady, you’ll discover they have their own unique way of speaking in public, they are very constructive and mostly intelligent, but they cannot complete any conversation without using abusive words, not out of annoyance, it’s just their usual way of life. This is also the same for Ibadan runs girls, they will curse you with a cute smiling face and expect you to laugh along because deep down, they mean the opposite of the curse, i.e. good.

It is always very difficult to identify Ibadan runs girl because you’ll always find her where the good girls are. Below are EIGHT (8) SIMPLE ways to identify any Ibadan runs girl;

1. The way she dresses: She’s always dressing like she’s attending a party, her cloths will often have multiple colours like Christmas lights, to fit into any occasion. She’s never caught unaware, always ready to go from a planned occasion to an unplanned event.

2. Her mouth is always busy: If she’s not chewing gum, she’s eating something else to keep her mouth busy, especially junks with good fragrance, just to give her mouth more captivating scent. Gum, especially, is the favorite of an Ibadan runs girl.

3. Glitzy Jewelries: Her jewelries will always glitter and shine, and you’ll mistake them for real golds or diamonds, but they are not original. Ibadan runs girl will not invest in expensive jewelries because she needs a lot of them to interchange frequently.

4. Expensive mobile phones: When you see her handset, if you’re not courageous enough, she will intimidate you with it for she’ll have the latest telephone device in town. This phone, she cannot afford, it was probably given to her by her suitor or she saved over a long period and drained her bank account to buy the phone because she believes it will increase her status or give her higher reputation among her peers. Na them dey use the latest iPhone and Samsung phones a few weeks after release.

5. Rubber sandals: She is either having rubber sandals in her bag to replace her high heels after an ‘Owambe’ party or she’s rocking rubber sandals with pride to any occasion. Ibadan Runs girls don’t joke with rubber sandals, they have a permanent pair of rubber sandals in their bag and verities at home.

6. Hairstyles: Have you wondered how some ladies make their hair every two or three days? Don’t think too much, they don’t go to the hairdressing salon; it is wig they use. An Ibadan runs girl prefers to use wig instead of sitting down for hours to plait her hair. She also has enough wigs to go months, perhaps years, looking all glammed up.

7. Make up: She bakes her face like a cake baker using butter cream to design cake or like a painter who carefully maps out design on a wall he’s painting. She spends hours doing it perfectly to strike any man at first sight. Ibadan runs girls no dey joke with make up o.

8. She’s always available: She’s based in Ibadan, but travels to different states a lot like an inter-stat bus service. She can travel to any part of the country to satisfy any of her needs.

If you feel I missed out any other way an Ibadan runs girl can be identified, let me know in the comment section below.

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