Female Soldiers Cry Out: Marry Us Nigerian Men, We Don’t Bite And Not Monsters. We Are Also Women

A group of female soldiers have called to out to the public to please help them to beg men around to approach them. They said men are usually afraid of them. One of them even said that they are women as well and they also have feelings.

They also want to be touched and loved. But one thing that doesn’t sieze to baffle me is why are Nigerian guys scared of dating or marrying female soldiers. They also need men in their lives. One of our correspondence met with a female soldier and asked about her relationship and affair. The lady said that she has never been approached by men ever since she joined the army.

She also continued by saying that even male soldiers do not see them as women. They see them just as colleagues and this is seriously wearing a lot of them down. Now here is my question:Why are guys scared of dating or marrying a female soldier? They might be sweet loving ladies. You never can tell. Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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