How to get 7.5gb for 750 Naira and 3.75gb for 350 Naira to browse on MTN – Max Nnamdi

People have been in doubt ever since I first shared this data hack that gets me surfing all night without fear if rejection.

Oh you’re welcome. The pleasur is all mine.

You see I’ve been enjoying huge data for quite some time for a chicken change even though it took me something Naira to learn it, and So I want to show you how I do it.

Do you know you can get 7.5 GB for just 750 naira which will last for two weeks to one month depending on your usage

3.75Gb for just 375 naira which will last for 1 to 2weeks also depending on your consumption

2.5 GB for just NGN250 naira which will last for 5 to 10 days. All depends on you as well

1GB for just NGN100 for 2 to 4 days And

750 mb for just 75 naira (seventy five naira)

Too good to be true right?

Well, my name is Mr Awesome, I’m a blogger and I don’t tell lies. If you know, you know. Well the thing is I’ve given out a lot of free things and tips lately and this is just a very cheaply gotten info

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