Marriage: Igbo sell their daughters, Yoruba give theirs for free

The traditional marriage in Africa is always colourful, especially in Nigeria. The traditional is highly recognized anywhere and among all faiths.

But the debate that is going on now is that who among Yoruba and Igbo value tradition?

The first reaction we got was that the Yorubas don’t know what traditional marriage is about. How can you give out the hand of your daughter in marriage for free without collecting bride price?

That is not marriage at all.

The other reaction talks about Igbo people selling their daughters all in the name of collecting bride price. Some sections among the Igbos, charge very high pride price. And that is why Igbo people don’t marry early. They can’t afford bride price, they claimed.

Is Yoruba actually giving out their daughters for free?

Do Igbo people actually selling their daughters?

Someone said the reason Igbo people charged high bride price is because of the value they placed on their children. So that the husband will value the wife he married.

The insinuation that Igbo people calculated all the money they used in training their daughters is not correct.

A Yoruba parent who spoke to us said the reason they returned the bride price to the husband is to let the family knows that their daughter is not for sale. That their daughter still belong to a family. And in that way the husband will treat her very well.

Looking at the two traditions, which is the best. Which out of the two will make the husband treat the wife with respect?

Without bias send in your comments. We would work on them

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