Nigerians react as Catholic Rev. Sister resigned and married a policeman

Nigerians have been reacting to the news of a Catholic Reverend Sister who quit her religious profession and got married to an officer.

The pictures were shared online, showing the woman posing with her husband in pre-wedding photos.

The other part of the pictures shows her in her normal wears when she was still a Reverend Sister.

Meanwhile, reactions upon reactions have been pouring in from social media and on the street.

Our reporter went to the street to ask some people about what they feel about the news.

Many of the people said she has taken the decision that is best for her. They simply congratulated her.

One Mr. Johnson said, he salute her courage for being able to stand for what is good for her. He claimed that a lot of people are living in denial and lying to themselves.

Some however, said that it is good to count your cost before one becomes a Reverend Father or Sister.

“It is a shame, having put your hands in a plow and then going back to your vomit,” a respondent said.

See the post below.

Viral photos of a Catholic Reverend Sister who allegedly quit her religious profession to marry an officer

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