PICS: VP Chiwenga’s Swollen Face Raises Eyebrows As He Takes The Kids To Church.

VP Chiwenga’s Swollen Face At Church Raises Eyebrows

VP Chiwenga cut a blissful paternal figure on Sunday when he attended a Catholic mass accompanied by his children who were rarely exposed to the public during the course of his marriage to his ex wife Marry Mubaiwa.

The current Acting president played doting dad with his little ones in church but his visibly swollen face raised eyebrows.

The VP recently got an all clear after leaving for a medical review in China a few weeks ago but it seems he is still on the path to full recovery.

Could his swollen features be a side effect of medicine or the result of sleep deprivation which is known to cause facial features to appear swollen at times?

In the past, the VP and his now ex wife Marry have been both spotted with visibly swollen hands.

While the VP is on record saying they once suffered from ‘Nhuta’ a form of skin cancer, Marry’s swelling was chalked up to shrapnel which lacerated her skin during the infamous Bulawayo bomb blast incident.

Meanwhile, Mubaiwa sued her ex-husband accusing him of abducting the couple’s minor children while she was behind bars in remand prison before being granted bail.

Mubaiwa alleges that upon her arrival to the former couple’s Borrowdale home, soon after her release, she was denied access by members of the military deployed by her ex-husband.

Her legal team claimed she was denied access to her three minor children.

Chiwenga labeled Marry an ‘Unfit’ mother claim claiming that she was a drug addict.

He claimed that she is addicted to synthetic opioid pain medication, Pethidine.

Pethidine is considered a dangerous drug which can be only be administrated to one by means of a medical prescription and under very strict supervision by at least two medical doctors.

Therefore Chiwenga argued that custody of their minor children be given to him.

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