Be extremely careful if you are a customer of this bank. Your account might be wiped soon.

Internet fraudsters are not smiling in recent years and are very desperate to achieve their aim which is stealing people’s money illegally, and they can go to any length to achieve this.

If you are the type that uses GTBank, you need to be extremely careful about the mails you open because you could see your account balance being wiped in seconds.

The recent trick by these fraudsters comes in the form of a mail, informing customers that they have already subscribed to the GTBank Customer Digest Monthly Bulletin and a sum of N19,800 has been debited from their account.

Then you will be asked to click a certain link to unsubscribe from it.

Anxiety would make you quickly cancel the subscription by clicking the spam link.

If you do so, it takes you to a fake website where these scammers

would have access to your login details and transfer all the money in your account.

Meanwhile, via their verified twitter handle, GTBank already twitted that the emails are not from the bank and customers should disregard such mails.

“There is nothing called the “GuaranteedTrust Customer Digest monthly bulletin”, the bank said in its verified Twitter handle.

“These scam emails do not emanates from GTBank.”

The advice is customers should be extremely cautious and watchful even though the debate on digital security never stops with several policies and tools that attempt to make online transactions safer.

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