Skills that can fetch you N300,000 monthly without stress – No 3. is the easiest

We are at the early stage of a new decade and it is wise to know skills that will last the decade and beyond so as to know what part to take to make your first million. The following are the hot 5 selling skills;

1. Data Science: this combine several disciplines including statistics and computer science ( data analysis and computer science). Jobs available under this field are;

-data analysis.

-data engineers.

-machine learning engineers.

-data science generalist.

2. Cyber security: it came into being after the the invention of computer network is lagging because hackers are finding loop holes to penetrate through and cause havoc. Only cyber security experts can keep us safe.

3. Digital Marketing: is the art of promoting brands and businesses online and offline. It have several branches which all can get you close to making ends meet.

-Influencer Marketing

– Search engine optimization

– Content creating and many more.

4. Mobile app and web development: this is selling so fast because brands need apps and web development on a daily so as to make information accessible to consumers at the comfort of their phone because contents need to be created and updated regularly. This entails both programming and graphic design.

5. Artificial intelligence: is the development of computer systems that will do all the dirty work that humans are meant to do e.g speech recognition, visual perception, translation between languages and decision making.

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