Hidden facts about Sugar Mummies roaming in Nigeria. No. 4 would shock you

The rate of rich older women in Nigeria, especially Lagos on the lookout for young boys who they can thwart their lives is very alarming. And on the other hand, this young boys are desperate and eager to do anything for the money.

But here is what you must know about sugar mummies in Nigeria.

1. Most of them are married women. They have sexual encounters with younger boys because their husbands are not so good at it any longer, or because they yearn for the touch of a much younger body. It is not old news that adultery is very wrong, biblically and against the law too.

2. They share STDs. Because this young boys are eager to do anything for money, they don’t mind if asked to “do it” without protections, and in the long run, they contract sexual transmitted diseases, and possibly HIV too.

3. Inhumane fancy. Because they are paying you, this women most times demand for some irregular acts that one considers inhumane. They ask you to do a whole lot of irritating things on and that is very evil. A certain friend of mine had confessed how a woman in Benue state offered him 850 thousand just so he could lick the mensuration off her private part. Now you can imagine!

4. They are lesbians too. It’s no new news that most sugar mummies have no solid interest. They do whatever they want to, with whomever they want to do with. So this makes them versatile on the sexuality terrain.

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