At age 40 i am still single – Lady cries out as she found out her father is the cause of her problem

After 40 years of being single a lady cries out when she found out that her father was the major course of her predicament.

On 18th of January Rose went to her facebook account to seek for advise on what she should do to her father who had made her single till 40 years, with a lot of suitors coming in and out of her life.

What led to her knowing was when she met Joseph a banker who was willing to get married to her and perform all marriage right, but in every occasion that she introduces her fiancee to her father he accepts them with open hands and days later they die and the bankers case was no difference. Until she went crying to her pastor asking him for assistance on what was happening to her. It was then God revealed that her father was the cause of all her predicament because he had made a covenant with her marriage life for money.

After 7 days of prayer and fasting Rose father called her and confessed all his sins to her, now she is confused on what to do with her father and needs advice.

Comment below on what you think she should do to her father.


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