Don’t Ever Marry Any Man Who Has These 3 Habits If You Want A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union between man and woman. The Bible says because of marriage a man leaves his parents, a woman also leaves her parents and they become one. Marriage is not something to try if it does not work you quit, it is a life commitment  until death separate the man and the woman. Marriage is for good or bad, for poverty or prosperity, for sickness or good health.

That is why before you agree to marry any man you have to study the man very well to avoid jump in and jump out. If you meet any man who has these three habits to marry him.

1.Motivational lie. You as a lady when you meet a man for the first time, don’t be carried away try to remember at least 70% of what he told you. The second meeting if he tells something different from what he told you before, runs away.

2.Laziness. If you marry a lazy man you will end up be a liability to your parents.

3. Uncontrolled anger. If you marry a man with hot tamper your life is in danger. 


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