How To Treat Diabetes, Asthma and Stomach Ulcer Within Few Weeks.

All these can be treated with the Natural Power of A Fruit known as SODOM APPLE who english name is giant milk weed, and in the native language of yoruba, it is known as ewe bomubomu.

Below are the uses of the fruit and the procedures on how it can be used to cure these diseases.

1. It serves as a coagulant.It is also used in the making of cheese, it coagulates the milk making it to come together instead of alum.

2.Soak it inside water, then grind the leaf to extract the milk and use it to wash the 2 breasts.Be prepared for free flow of milk.

3. Yes is good to treat chicken pox or measles.Just grind the leaf and add it to original black soap.Mix it very well and then use it to bath. It will dry off the chicken box.

4. It is used for stomach aches. Soak it in dry gin. It has worked for me.

5. It is being soaked with sour water with milk for typhoid.

6. You can also cook it with lemon grass and lime to treat malaria.

7. It’s good for pile and also for tooth ache.

8. Cut and drop the whitish fluid that comes out of it onto any tooth with hole and chew on d root with the affected tooth.

9. It drives away snakes.

10. For diabetes, pluck two leaves and place it on the ground, make sure you wear socks and place you feet on it for some hours do it daily for a week, then you can go and do a check again, diabetes is gone (it’s natural!).

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