“I’m Sleeping With My Dad’s 46 Years Old Sister and I Want To Marry Her” – 26 Years Old Boy Asks for Advice

An African man has made a bizarre and shocking confession and need the opinion of people on this matter.

I’m in the middle of an amazing affair with my Aunt. It was just about romance and intimacy at the start but now it feels like I’m falling in love. I’m 26 and my dad’s sister is 46.

I wasn’t actually the one who started it, she was. She gave me a kiss at a Christmas Party Last year and after She dragged me off to a dark place for more. No one noticed anything; It was only a squeeze but it made me feel brilliant inside.

She turned up at my residence the next day and that’s when we started our crazy affair. Her marriage was short of excitement, she said. She’d been so bored for so long looking for partner, the way she felt now was, “Anything goes” which I think she find me suitable for the vacancy. It was scary, tempting and surprised to see if she meant what she said. I told myself I was helping her out plus and at the same getting some intimate time as well.

We tried crazy things in the bedroom that I’d never thought of that before. Maybe she thought it was her last chance to try out some sexy ideas before old age set in on her. Due to my busy schedule we split up for a couple of months, I see this as an opportunity to cool down so that no one will notice. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see her again, but she appeared on this day and she said that she missed me like mad.

She is the most attractive woman I have ever been with, despite her age she is still outstanding. I see this as an abomination and I want out. But she disagreed, Aunt want the relationship to continue 24/7 if possible we should get married; I think she has fall completely. am also feeling the same she feeling.

I’m asking for your advice, please help me and don’t insult me…


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