Prisoners taught coding so that they can get jobs once released

I usually say that technology has been a great thing that happened to humanity. It has bring good tidings to mankind and it environment.

Prisons house more than 2 million people in America right now.

According to the Department of Justice, it’s estimated 650,000 people will get out this year, but unless they find a way to beat the odds, it’s expected that upwards of 83 percent of them will reoffend and be back.

“At The Last Mile, we are using technology to try and solve mass incarceration,” said Jason Jones with the organization.

The Last Mile is a program that has software engineers like Jones remote into prisons and teach convicts computer coding.

Once they learn the skills and are released, the former convicts and now coders are connected with tech companies like Slack, Google, and even Facebook.

This program has given future to the prisoners and in return will decrease the rate of crime in the society.

I also urge the Nigerian startups and tech companies to take the gospel of programming to Nigeria prisons.

Let make Nigeria great just like United States of America.

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