Top 5 players that never got red carded in their club careers

The career of footballers last for like fifteen to twenty years. During those years of playing football they would have come across alot of things in football, like them facing a stubborn opponent, a controversial referee, a must win game that they were actually loosing etc. All this are enough for players to loose their temper in a game and get red carded for a violent attack on their opponent. 

But there are still some players, who in their blissful football careers never got red carded. In this article I will be writing on the top five players who never got red carded in their club careers.

1. Ryan Giggs

The Manchester United legend played 963 games for Manchester United. He played over 600 premier league games for the red devils. He spent 24 years of his playing career in Manchester United and he was never sent off. Although he got red carded once for wales during a world cup qualifying game, where he was given the second yellow card in the 86 minutes.

2. Philipp lahm

The German international played 615 games for Bayern Munich and 113 games for the Germany national team. The player who played all his life as a defender and sometimes deployed as a defensive midfielder, was never shown a red card all through his playing career.

3. Andrés Iniesta

The former Barcelona midfielder, who play for Barcelona from his childhood. He played over 750 matches with club and country and never got red carded for once in his entire career.

4. Karim Benzema 

The player who currently plays for real Madrid, has played over 650 games for country and clubs, including Lyon and France national team. He has never been red carded in his entire career.

5. Lionel Messi

The Barcelona forward has played over 600 club games for Barcelona, he has never been red carded for once. Although he was red carded in a friendly game for Argentina at the early stage of his career. But have never been shown a red card for club football.

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