Why You should Keep A Sliced Lemon Next To Your Bed?

We are all well aware of the amazing benefits the king of all citrus fruits, lemon possesses and the different ways it can help improve our overall health. Rich in vitamin C, fibre, and various beneficial plant compounds, lemons have been proven to help support heart health, weight control, and digestive health.


Apart from the role lemon plays in preventing and managing several serious diseases and illnesses, lemon is also great in treating minor ailments such as an upset stomach or a vomiting sensation. It is not uncommon to hold on to a lemon while going through those steep valleys in a bus or a car – I have done it and I’m sure you have too.From its peel to juice, the uses and benefits of lemon are endless. Lemon has many therapeutic properties as well, which can help manage several health problems. Yes, lemon is more than an air freshener. Keeping a sliced lemon in the bedroom at night comes with several advantages that you need to know of – let’s take a look, shall we?!

Sliced Lemon And Its Therapeutic Properties

Simply slice a couple of lemons, slice them and sprinkle just a pinch of salt on them and keep it next to your bed, on your nightstand or near the window. Lemon has been used as a powerful aromatherapy essential oil for ages and has been linked with benefits such as increased concentration, decreased stress levels, and has a soothing effect on the respiratory system.

Keeping a sliced lemon is known to do a better job than any air freshener, which might cause headaches. The mere smell of this fruit makes you feel refreshed and should not just be limited to that of an air freshener.

Why Put A Lemon Next To Your Bed?

Helps with nasal congestion: The smell of lemon has been proven to have a soothing effect as well as an anti-bacterial effect. If you are unable to sleep due to nasal congestion, the aroma of lemons may ease you into sleep as it helps improve your breathing.

Reduces stress: One of the other major benefits of keeping a slice of lemon near your bed while sleeping is that, the smell of lemon has been proven to be de-stressing. The aroma of lemons can ease down your stress and relax your senses, that is, the citrus smell will relax the brain and soothe your mind and body, thereby improving your sleep quality.

Repels insects: Lemon is an effective natural repellentthat will help keep off all the insects due to its strong smell – letting you sleep without worrying about the mosquitoes.

Improves air quality: Lemon cleanses the air apart from providing a fresh lemony smell. Lemon slices help in absorbing the harmful bacteria, thereby rendering clean fresh air.

Lowers blood pressure: Although it may sound far-fetched, the smell of lemonhas been proven to help reduce high blood pressure levels by calming your blood vesselsand relieving you of any stress and tension.

Increased energy in the morning: Lemon slices when kept in the bedroom will help you feel energisedand extremely fresh in the morning. The scent of lemon helps in boosting the production of serotonin in the brain, which not only improves your sleep quality but also your mood.

It also helps with…

Keeping a slice of lemon is also said to improve your focus because the scent of a sliced lemon can help achieve a state of relaxation and make you wake up fresh each day, which will set your mind to be calm at night and also help you focus better. It is also said to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, although no studies have supported this claim.

On A Final Note…

Now that you are aware of the benefits of keeping a sliced lemon near your bed at night, why don’t you give it a try? Don’t forget to remove the sliced lemon in the morning from your bedside, as keeping it for more than a day may not be a great idea. You can use it to clean the kitchen sink, microwave, or use it to get rid of flaky feet.

Sliced Lemon And Its Therapeutic Properties
Why Put A Lemon Next To Your Bed?
It also helps with...

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