Yahoo new scam methods. Be guided – 9jainfo

As days goes by, This Nigerian scammers become more wiser. They now hack your details without you noticing, and before realize it your bank account balance most have been cleared off.

This new method they now use is very dangerous, and that is why you all need to be very careful. They almost cleared my account balance through flashing my phone and if not for the NPF i would have gone back to square one. I will explain to you how they did it downward.

Investigation and tracking cost is costly now, Amount of five million below are negligible for any serious agency to get bothered. If you are scammed with huge amount then it’s a different case. Hence most victims are stuck with the NPF, EFCC only get involved when it’s five million upward.

So This is what you should be careful about:

1 . If you get a message on your android phone asking you through a website to click, visit or register please do not click except you where in the process of setting up something, or some sort of profile online and they sent you a code via sms.

This scam usually come in form of,, or or,

Or your package has been shipped, or an SMS from Jumia when you did not make any purchase. Once you click on the link, your phone has been compromised. They will view every SMS you send or receive. Any password you enter on your phone they will get it. They will read all your social media platform. That is why some people with social media account cry about there account been hacked without sharing any details.

2 . Also when you get repeated flashing from this number code +235, +233 or +232, please do not call back. Remember that they will only flash you with number starting from those digits.

3 . Never share your number carelessly, sometimes you see in social media a poster will request for group phone number promising them favours in returns. Please do not share, that is how they get your number.

The number you use for bank transfer, please do not use it on internet enabled phone. Look for a Nokia touch because if by mistake your child click on the link, the scammers will not be able to access because they will not internet connection.

Please let us know your taught on this. Feel free to comment and don’t forget to share this information for it to get to other people.This is what they confessed when we caught them, and they said it is another new method for scamming.

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