Man Murders His Wife, 3 Children and Lives With Their Corpses For two Weeks

The father who murdered his wife, three young children and the family’s dog in their Disney townhome and lived with their bodies for two weeks told investigating Florida deputies that his children were at a sleepover.

Concerns that Anthony Todt, his wife Megan and their children Alek, 13, Tyler, 11, and four-year-old Zoe were missing sparked after relatives hadn’t heard from the family since January 6. 

Todt, 44, initially claimed that everyone was sick with the flu and gave no indication that his family had been killed. 

When Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies entered the Todt family’s home in Celebration -a gated community designed and developed by Disney- on January 13, he told them the children were sleeping over at a friend’s house and his wife was asleep upstairs. 

Anthony Todt was charged with murder for killing his wife Megan and three children Alek, Tyler and Zoe and dog in Celebration, Florida - living with the bodies for at least two weeks. Police records released on Friday reveal the gruesome scene police walked into on January 13, first encountering 'a strong foul odor' when entering the home

Instead, authorities would soon discover the deceased bodies of Megan and the three children wrapped in blankets inside the master bedroom.

Todt confessed to the killings as it emerged he had stabbed his wife and sons repeatedly. It is not clear how he killed four-year-old Zoe. 

He is charged with four counts of murder, as well as animal cruelty for also killing the family dog Breezy. 

Police have yet to pinpoint his motive for the killings but he was drowning in debt in both his home and business, and was being evicted. 

Officers even recalled encountering a ‘strong foul odor’ when entering the 202 Reserve Place address, according to new police records obtained by 

Todt, who later revealed he attempted to overdose on Benadryl after the killings, was barely able to stand and was shaking as deputies began inspecting the residence.  

An officer noted that ‘sticking out of the blankets was a foot that was black and blue in color’, as Todt is believed to have lived with the rotting bodies for a period of time.   

‘I could smell a foul odor that I suspected was something or someone deceased,’ an officer wrote. 

Todt told officials Megan was upstairs sleeping, but when police called out her name, they received no response. 

An officer went up to the master bedroom and said they saw ‘a person was laying on the bed covered with blankets. 

‘I pushed the door open further and observed two persons laying on mattresses on the floor covered up. 

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