Man Allegedly Stabs 2-Month-Old Baby In Ritual Killing

Man Kills  2-Month-Old Baby in ritual killing

In a terrifying incident, a 27-year-old South African man allegedly murdered his two-month-old infant in a what is suspected to be a ritual inspired killing. iHarare has learnt that Irvin Lotta Mahlangu was recently arrested for allegedly strangling and stabbing his two-month-old infant in full view of the 22-year-old mother.

Speaking to the South African publication, Sowetan, Mpumalanga police spokesperson Lt General Mondli Zuma confirmed the ghastly crime and strongly condemned the evil deed.

This painful and senseless act took place on Tuesday, 28 January 2020, at KwaMhlanga at approximately 2pm. Police in Mpumalanga have arrested 27-year-old Irvin Lotta Mahlangu following the death of the baby.

It is regrettable to hear of incidences where children, like this little one, are allegedly murdered by their own parents who are supposed to be protecting them. Children are the future and a home is regarded as the first line of defence where children should be nurtured as well as protected.

The accused was not asked to plead when he appeared at the KwaMhlanga magistrate’s court last Thursday facing a charge of murder. Mahlangu was remanded in custody until February 6 for formal bail application.  According to prosecution, Mahlangu, on the day in question had a heated argument with the mother of the baby over alleged rituals he was performing on the child. A scuffle is reported to have ensued and Mahlangu who was armed with a knife stabbed the toddler.

The 22-year-old mother became so terrified as Mahlangu threatened to kill her as well. She, however, broke her silence by screaming for help as well as broke windows in an effort to get attention from people and fortunately neighbours notified police, but unfortunately, the child was certified dead on the scene.

Police opened a murder case and Mahlangu was immediately arrested.

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