Personal Hygiene for Guys/Men. Read This!!!!

Please if you are reading this article and you are a guy, I mean married or single, I beg you try and develop the culture of changing you old underwear especially the ones called boxers.

Stop using old torn boxers because this is causing some form of embarrassment to men male folks LOL.

A twitter user this morning posted this photo of old torn underwear with the caption “You say you don’t want her to buy you boxers, yet this is all you have”

The hilarious post quickly got several retweets and likes but jokes apart, as a guy, you need to change your underwear as soon as they look worn out.

Personal hygiene is very important to healthy living. Wash your underwear after using them for a day.

Doing this will save you from some terrible rashes in your genital areas that can make you uncomfortable in public.

Again you could push your partner far away from you when you consistently wear dirty smelly boxers. Be hygienic and avoid smell mbok! This is 2020.

If you are a lady reading this, your article is coming so don’t even start laughing at the guys.

Feel free to drop your comments on the comment section.

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