Airtel Free 1GB

Airtel are currently given out 1GB free data when you download their app. My Airtel app is the app for Airtel subscribers that gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manages your data usages and subscribes to products and services that has to do with Airtel from your mobile device.

The features of the Airtel App include….

  • Download My Airtel for either your Andriod 7.1 or iOS device install and launch the app (Ensure that the phone that has My Airtel app has the Airtel SIM card.)
  • You will get to a page where you would be asked to type in your Airtel number, type in the Airtel number that’s in the device you’re using to register, wait for some seconds to receive an OTP from Airtel and you will receive it. You do not need to bother about typing it down in a space box as it will pass through the auto-verification process itself in the app. This is why it is necessary for the number you wish to receive the free data with has to be active on the same device you’re trying to register with.
  • When it passes the auto-verification process, you would be logged into the app now wait for some seconds and you will receive a text message from Airtel that should read;

Congratulation, you have been credited with Free Airtel App Download data bonus.

NOTE :===After receiving this message, dial *140# to view your data. The data should be valid for 6 days.

If you fail to get your own 1GB free data after registering on the app, kindly wait for some minutes as some people’s data take time to get to their Airtel SIM cards.

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