Importance Of 5G Network!!

Recently we Nigerians have heard that our Government wants to bring in 5G technology into Nigeria, and we’ve known that most of popular pastors in Nigeria are against it that, it’s the sign of Antichrist or that the Chinese government wants to take over the world and most of we Nigerians are protesting now against it.

My own opinion is that we shouldn’t confuse religion with technology that’s what is killing we Nigerians, we should change our mentality for Chris sake. Don’t we know that the 5G Network will make live easier, we might even think it’s only for phone, No no it’s also for all our day to day activities and it is used in different sectors of the economy that is why I’ve taken my time to show you the importance of 5G network. Here is the importance.

1. According to Verizon, by 2035, 5G will enable world economies including Africa to earn or produce $12.3 trillion output and produce 22million jobs worldwide.

2. 5G can be used to improve safety, health and security.

3. In the health care sector, 5G could enable services such as remote patient monitoring, consultation, and even remote surgery. In transportation, 5G will be the backbone that autonomous vehicles rely on. 

4. It can be used to connect home appliances to help automate tasks around the house which can improve personal convenience.

5. 5G can be used to make improvement in 3D hologram and connect people far beyond what current 4G cellular technology allows.

6. Also 5G is not only a network but also a Technology.

With this few importance of 5G I’ve listed above I know I’ll convince you that there is nothing bad about it.

Thanks and share to your friends to educate them.

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