Successful MOUAU Chemical Engineering student – Alanwoko Nnamdi Maxwell

Alanwoko Nnamdi Maxwell, one of the cutest guy and Independent Entrepreneur in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State (MOUAU). No doubt, Intelligent and we’ll behaved. He is a 4 pointer according to his Grade point. According to him he is currently single. Below is an interview we had with him few days ago.

What is the startup story behind your business? When did it start?

I started when I was 10 or 11, I think. A friend of mine taught me HTML and I became quite good; I learned about CSS on W3Schools and then I wanted to find out how to make my site live. I found out about free hosts and learned from there.

I started off taking client work and converting PSDs to XHTML/CSS. I made quite a bit of money and so started other sites, sold them, and moved on. Now my two main projects are Blogging, Bitcoin which SitePoint has been nice enough to sponsor, and

Your parents — how do they feel about having a young and independent entrepreneur in the house?

Heh, they’re fine about it. It was a bit of trouble convincing them to let me use their Mobile banking account at first, but then my mum registered one in her name that I can use myself. They leave me to it; I guess to them it’s just like me having a part-time job.

With school and social life, you must be busy. What does an average day (during school term) consist of?

Literally, I’ll wake up and leave for school by when we have lectures for that day. After school I usually play sport for a couple of hours, and then relax until dinner time.

Then, once I’ve had dinner, I’ll usually do two hours of work, like on my blog and I do Photoshop, as well as chat to my friends over Instant Message and on Facebook.

What’s your definition of success, and do you believe you’ve achieved it yet?

To be honest I’ve yet to really think about it. I think success is a very subjective term; to me it’s just completing my goals, and accomplishing what I wanted to finish in that day. If you complete your to-do list for that day plus a little more, it was a successful day ;). Some days I’m successful, some days otherwise. I feel though, in an overall sense, that success is just about being happy with where you are at in life. So, I think I’m yet to be successful, but will be in 4-5years :).

Are you in a relationship currently and would you mind sharing your number to the public?

No, Currently single. No I can’t share my number to avoid messages from ladies. Lol

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