Why Only The Hijab Wearing Ladies Benefited From Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme In Abuja: Nigerian Man Asks?

A Twitter user identified as @The_seeker has accused coordinators of the Conditional Cash Transfers of being one-sided in the distribution of the cash to the poor. 

The seeker feels the National Social Society Cordinating Office (NASSCO) are considering a particular religion and tribe in Nigeria as in the case of the nation’s capital, Abuja. 

From the photos gotten from the Abuja centre, most of the beneficiaries are hijab wearing ladies. 

The seeker said: “Alleged beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfers in Abuja. 

There seems to be a particular dress code to being considered vulnerable in Nigeria.. well wetin I sabi? Na only WAEC I get na.”

Upon further investigation by the Twitter user, he wondered why the background photo of NASSCO focuses on a particular religion and tribe. 

“So someone just sent me the handle for NASSCO (National Social Safety Coordinating Office @NasscoNigeria 

Looking at the chosen background AVI, I have no further doubts about the dress code.

These guys believe poverty in Nigeria has a tribe and a region…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!” He revealed. 

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