Emotional Photograph of Lockdown situation in Nigeria

Nigerians are widely known for their bravery in times of troubles, and in times of despair. At some point, there’s always a way for a Nigerian to survive in less likely situations, when there seems to be no way.

COVID-19, had been labelled a global pandemic, which has infected thousands and also killed thousands. Sad as it is, even the uninfected are affected in one way or the other.

In a bid to stop the spread of the novel virus, the federal government of Nigeria imposed a total lockdown curfew which has hindered movements, social gatherings, businesses and other activities.

In the eyes of the rich, the total lockdown is more like an holiday or a sabbatical break from work. But in reality, Nigerians living below poverty line are literally in despair, as 65% of Nigerians according to World Data Lab, relies on their daily activities to feed and to make ends meet.

A photograph of a young brave girl selling sachet water explains the plight and the implications of the lockdown to poor and feeble Nigerians.

What could she do than to move out amidst the lockdown to see how she could survive with her daily business. Against the curfew; against all odds; with a mask on, she struggles to survive. The most emotional part is that her profit from a bag of the sachet water is already damaged on the floor, as she tries to escape from the hands of the law enforcement officer.

It’s a touching and emotional picture. The photographer deserves full credit for this wonderful real-time photograph which is so precise in time.

However, this describes it all, Nigerians rely on their daily activities for food, a lockdown is not by anyway favourable, Coronavirus is deadly, but hunger – virus is worse. We ought to pray for these families that are struggling and also for this pandemic to end soon.


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