WWE: Popular Couple Reportedly Set To Enter Long-Distance Relationship

As documented by Sportskeeda, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed why the company decided to move Mandy Rose on Monday Night Raw. The brand switch caught many fans and pundits off-guard as she’s involved in a romance angle with Otis. According to the journalist, the company reportedly wants to have the couple be in a long-distance relationship.

As Meltzer highlighted, the flagship shows are the only world that exists in the WWE Universe. Even though logic would dictate that they can see each other outside of the ring during the other days of the week, the storyline will present them as lovers who aren’t allowed to be together.

In the storyline, Rose was sent to the red brand due to The Miz having connections in powerful positions. The Miz and John Morrison are currently feuding with Tucker and Otis, and the heels have been trying to steal the latter’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Having Rose sent to another show was the heel tag team’s way of getting inside Rose’s boyfriend’s head.

As the Sportskeeda report highlighted, Rose stated that being on different shows won’t interfere with her romance.

“If I’m going to Raw, that’s great. I’ll do bigger and better things on Mondays then I’ve done on Fridays. Oh, and if you think you’re going to split Otis and I up, thing again Miz. There are 7 days in a week and me and MR. Money in the Bank are as tight as ever.”

Rose moving to Monday Night Raw could have been a spur of the moment decision on WWE’s part, however. According to Ringside News, officials reportedly don’t have any plans for her on the red brand as of this writing. That’s supposedly why she didn’t appear on this week’s episode.

While it is believed that Rose is needed on the show to add more depth to the roster, backstage reports have revealed that the trade was emblematic of the poor leadership in the company at the moment.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, it was Rose’s idea to pair up with the Heavy Machinery member on television. They’ve been friends since their days in NXT together, and Rose felt their chemistry would translate to television.

The superstar also revealed that her real-life boyfriend doesn’t have any issues with being romantically linked with Otis as part of an angle. She said that it’s entertainment at the end of the day, and her partner understands that.

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