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Prosperity Is Impossible Without Tithing — Bishop David Oyedepo

Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners’ Chapel International David Oyedepo says it is impossible to be prosperous without paying tithes. The televangelist tweeted this on Thursday, adding that one who fails to pay tithe is under a financial curse. “Tithing is an inescapable […]

Emotional Photograph of Lockdown situation in Nigeria

Nigerians are widely known for their bravery in times of troubles, and in times of despair. At some point, there’s always a way for a Nigerian to survive in less likely situations, when there seems to be no way. COVID-19, had been labelled a global pandemic, which has […]

Important food you need to consume during this locked down period.

Coronavirus threatens our immune system. It is important we supply our immune system with enough Vitamin C to fight germs and diseases. Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, plays many important roles in the body. In particular, it is key to the immune system, helping prevent infections and […]

Adamawa NULGE Chairman abducted from his home

The Adamawa State Chairman of National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Alhaji Hammanjolde Gatugel, has been abducted by suspected kidnappers. Hammanjolde Gatugel was taken away in the early hours of Saturday, at 12:50 am, from his residence in Mayo-Belwa, headquarters of the Mayo-Belwa local government area in […]

Importance Of 5G Network!!

Recently we Nigerians have heard that our Government wants to bring in 5G technology into Nigeria, and we’ve known that most of popular pastors in Nigeria are against it that, it’s the sign of Antichrist or that the Chinese government wants to take over the world and most […]


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